The Council of Economic and Social Agreement of the Czech Republic is a tripartite body which consists of three delegations – the government, trade unions and employers. Bodies:

  • President
  • Plenary Session
  • Presidium
  • Working Teams
  • Secretariat

The President is the head of the Council and this post is related to the post of prime minister. There are also 3 vice – presidents, one for each delegation.

The Plenary Session is the supreme negotiating body which discusses selected draft laws, basic development orientation and trends, where fundamental disputes between partners are negotiated. The Plenary Session consists of 7 representatives of the government, 7 representatives of trade unions and 7 representatives of employers and takes place usually once in 5 or 6 weeks. Membership: Government: Prime minister Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Minister of Finance Minister of Industry and Trade Minister of Regional Development Minister of Transport Minister of Agriculture Trade Unions: Czech Confederation of Trade Unions Association of Autonomous Trade Unions Employers´ Organizations: Confederation of Industry and Transport Confederation of Employers‘ and Entrepreneurs‘ Associations The Presidium is the executive body which prepares meetings of the Plenary Sessions, program and general aim of activities of the Council. The Presidium discusses the strategic documents, debates principal differences which occurred at Plenary Session, considers and assesses the development of social partnership, solves situations endangering social peace. It informs Plenary Session on results of its negotiations. There are three members of each delegation as members of the Presidium.

The Working Teams are the permanent expert bodies for dealing with the matters of its Statutes. Working Teams pre-discuss the submitted materials, prepare and provide expert opinions to them and other background documents for other bodies of the Council. The experts and other specialists of all three delegations are members of each Working Team.

List of current working teams:

Working team for Public Services and Public Administration

Working team for Education and Human Resources

Working team for Social Issues Working team for Work Safety and Health at Work Protection

Working team for the EU Working team for Economic Policy

Working team for Employees Rights, Collective Bargaining and Employment

Working team for Taxation and Insurance

Working team for Concept of Pension Reform

Working team for Cultural Matters

Working team for Regional Development and EU Funds

Working team for Health Care

Working team for the Internal Market

Working team for Cooperation with the International Labour Organization

Working team for Non-profit Organizations

Working team for Agriculture and Environment

Working team for Migrant Workers Employment

The Secretariat ensures the preparation of draft agenda of the Council´s bodies and provides technical and organizational support for meetings of the Council. It is also responsible for communication between the government and social partners. The Secretariat is directed by the Secretary General who is appointed by the government. By organization is the Secretariat incorporated into a structure of the Office of the Government as an independent unit.